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The ‘code red for humanity’ problem

The recent Climate change: IPCC report is ‘code red for humanity’ : fortunately, the European Commission “Fit for 55” plans an ambitious climate target of cutting emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels.

According to CO2 Emissions | Energy Statistics In Ireland, Ireland had a 20%…

Data for Change

Time series predictions between changing consumptions patterns, grid constraints and abruptly changing weather conditions, can be tricky. We are happy to share our experience with a range of ML Algorithms to help us optimize electricity consumptions and reduce our carbon footprint!

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We’ll explain what problem we were trying to solve…

Summary written by Buvana Ganesh, Catherine Lalanne, Iva Simon-Bubalo

Women In AI Ireland, Microsoft Ireland DreamSpace and the Confirm SFI Research Centre for Smart Manufacturing presented this live virtual WaiTALK titled “Choose to challenge: The Future of AI and You” designed for non-experts from secondary school students all the way…

The risk of False Negatives when predicting hazards…

We are immensely grateful to Nabanita Roy for pointing out this very interesting dataset, her previous work formed the base for which we were able to build on, you can have a look at her work here (Part I and Part II)!

Luciana Azubuike was our fantastic mentor in this…

Catherine Lalanne

Product Manager with keen interest in Tech, AI, Deep Machine Learning , Human Rights, Environment and Progressive and Disruptive ideas in general!

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